Sunday, April 8, 2012

Green Bridge

A few weeks ago Daniel and I got to spend 10 beautiful days in Michigan!  I love getting to spend time with friends and family up there, it's such a lovely place!

The first day we were there it was SO cold!  We made a quick trip to Royal Oak to hit up the American Apparel for some thigh high socks (so I could wear my tights and cute dresses and not freeze to death).  We stopped in a cute little bakery called Astoria Pastry Shop and split a huge chocolate cannoli - which was amazing - and a latte.

Afterwards Daniel suggested we stop by his favorite park to take outfit photos.  It was so cold and so windy that we only snapped a few pics before hopping back into the car to warm up.

I'm feeling much better today and I think this cold is finally on its way out!  Yay!  So hopefully this week I will be back to my regular posting schedule!  Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

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